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Who is Absolutely Amazing Alkaline H2O?

AbsolutelyAmazingAlkalineH2O is a bottled water company that has been in business since 2017 and located in Houston Texas . With over 1 million bottles sold it provides 100 % , organic, hydrogen-infused alkaline water. And is being labeled : " The best water on the planet."

Is Absolutely Amazing Alkaline H2O's water purified?

We source our water from the Houston public water source.

What are the benefits of drinking Absolutely Amazing Alkaline H2O ?

1. Hydration 2. Detoxification 3. Balance body PH 4. Weight loss 5 Anti-Aging 6. Heart Health and Blood pressure 7. Liver Health 8. Bone Health 9. Digestive Health and Gas Neutralization 10 . Sports Performance * And these are just to name a few

Your Alkaline Water Questions Answered?

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